Services Provided

EMDR Therapy For Victims Of Trauma And Sexual Abuse

  • Helping clients reduce their shame and guilt and to identify and use functional coping skills that support them in their lives.
  • To provide a safe environment to share the pain of your experience
  • Break the silence, and learn that you are not alone
  • To reduce shame-blame
  • To experience moving through fears in a supportive environment
  • To increase the capacity for intimacy and safety in healthy relationships
  • To identify the negative consequences of abuse on your emotional life and promote corrective experiences

Couples Therapy

  • To learn new communications skills
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Learn how to get your needs and wants met
  • Learn how to have a healthy balance in your life

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counseling

The Help Clinics philosophy is based upon a common and current understanding and interpretation of the nature of addiction combined with certain basic beliefs regarding human behavior. The American Medical Association classified alcoholism as a disease in 1956. Since that time there has been a positive acceptance of addictive disease as a treatable illness. Behavioral medicine and clinical psychology are adding to the already extensive literature about the potential for recovery in human life.

Addiction affects the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions of the person. Treatment, therefore, must involve the person and his/her involvement. While addiction is viewed as chronic, primary, and progressive, there is a growing body of knowledge with respect to dual disorders and we make every attempt to address both disorders. Whenever possible we will work to utilize all appropriate resources to meet the needs of those particular clients

  • Dual Diagnosis Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Depression
  • Learn how not to use drugs and alcohol to deal with problems
  • Develop coping and refusal skills
  • Learn how to manage relapse triggers
  • Help Finding support groups